Embossed Aluminum Coil


Alucosuper embossed aluminum coil is a quality-stable embossed product in the current domestic market with good reputation. At present our products have stucco embossed pattern, diamond embossed pattern,five-rib pattern,stc. The thickness is from 0.3-0.6nn, the width is less than 1300mm, the basic aluminum coils is PE coated, PVDF coated and anodized treatment.

Embossed aluminum coil shows good streamline,looks beautiful and yields strong third diemension.Embossing can increase thickness of the aluminum by 0.25-1.0mm and enharnce strength and rigidity of the aluminum coil

The company is equipped with two aluminum embossed lines:one is of simple type,whose process flow includes uncoiling by uncoiling machine,embossing,recoiling by recoiling machine,conveniently; The other is composite type: I .e the embossed equipment is mountedon the coating line, and coating and embossing are made simultanuously;for embossed,the upper and lower rollers will mesh each other via hydraulic transmission and then embossing will be done directly on the coating line, with fast processing speed, low coast and saving intermediate turnover.

Prodcution capacity: 5000tons/year


The embossed coil is widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration, inc-boxes,freezing plants,decorative aluminum articles,ventiducts of central air-conditioner, shells of mechanical equipment,etc., being a new type of decoration material.