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Solid Aluminum Sheet

Solid aluminum sheet


Alucosuper brand solid aluminum sheets, a famous product in China market, are made of high quality aluminum sheets and international brand PVDF paint from PPG Co.,USA, The processes of production adopt the fire-rate NC panel beating device&NC multifunctional forming punch,the latest "Ransburgi" automatic electronstatic spray unit from Japan. The entire production process is scienfitic, and the manufacturered product has top quality and is widely used for curtain wall, domestic appliance. It also is a new decorative material with envirment-friendly.

The solid aluminum sheets adopt 1100 H24 or 3003 H24 single aluminum sheet as the base metal. The product has five series thickness:2mm,2.5mm,3.0mm,4.0mm,5.0mm. We can also make the products according to the clients drawing requests

The solid aluminum sheet mainly consists of plates, ribs, hanging ears, etc. The hanging ear connects to plate via solid or hollow rivets. To ensure the flatness of the netal single sheet for long-term use, we mount specially-made profile ribs on the back of the face plate. The rib is connected to the back of the face plate by bolts made of the same materials as the face plate, stainless steel washers and stainless steel nuts to form a firm integral one, thus enhancing strength and rigidity of the material.


1 Light, good rigidity and high intensity

2 Excellent in weather andcorrosionresistance

3 Easy for processing, can be shaped easily in various kinds of shape, such as plane,arcs,or spherical surface

4 Various colors, good decorative effect

5 Anti-polluted and easy maintenance

6 Easy and quick for installing

7 Recyclable and good for environment protection



Test Report


1 Curtain Wall

2 Column and roof beam decoration,bacony and separation wall decoration

3 Interior Decoration

4 Advertising Board

5 Carriage and Furniture

6 Exhibition Booth

7 Instrument panel and device exterior case