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Insulation Panel

Insulation Panel


Decorative insulation sheet is a new building material for exterior curtain wall, it is constituted by insulation core with Fireproof Grade A, higher strengthen glue, aluminum sheet or steel sheet with marble/wooden surface and heat-reflective/antitemperature effective or nature stone thinner panel or ceramic panel, The panel is not only with good fireproof properties ,anti-chemical corrosive abilities and afford with pressure,earthquake and so on, but also it can afford a super stress change because of temperature and humidity. At the same time, there many better features, like light weight high strength, energy save and environmental, colorful surface,high anti-weather properties, self-cleaner,easy to install and so on.


1. The heat conductivity coeffeicient of core material less than 0.060w/(m.k),Fireproof Grade B1

2. Top thickness of color coated aluminum panel thickness is 1.0-1.5mm or coated galvanized steel range from 0.6mm to 0.8mm thickness. improve the fireproof grade and anti-stress of insulation panel.

3. Perfect decorative. Coated metal sheet can be with PVDF metallic painting,quaility painting and more colors for choice

4. Easy to maintain.It can be blocking-up rain, incrustation scale to infiltrate, easy to clean

5. Perfect performance in process, just like plasticity, impact resisitance, construction loading, heating insulation, voice insulation etc.

6. Durable practical applicability. Anti-corrosion, durability, and UV-resistant, it can resist to be corrosive by kinds of medium

7. Easy to install. It breaks through former using anchoring fix method to use integrated bonding cement mortar and dedicalted anchoring directly

8. Coated aluminum sheet with low density, recycle and save resource



It intergrates outside insulation and decorative surface, break through former using anchoring fix method to use integrated panel bonding cement mortar and dedicated anchoring directly, it solves the problem of "cold-heat brdge" in thermal insulation system, ensures the best insulation effects

Comparision Among Decorative insulation sheet and natural stone material and real stone painting