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Pre-painted Aluminum Coil

Introduction and Characteristic

Alucosuper color coating aluminum coils is the most excellent brand in the same domestic industry and it has following characteristic

1. Production Equipment: The world first-rate production line from pretreatment to continuous coating and drying was introduced from Japanm which ensures reliable and stable quality of the product.

2. Technical Level: The company has started to use the roller-coating technology since 1996, and has accumulated rich experience in coating technique and grasped the international technology and independently developed special coating processing.

3. Raw Material: The eentire production of Alucosuper brand color coating aluminum coils, from pre-treatment to finished product, uses world renowed quality raw and auxiliary materials. For example, aluminum mill finish coil the famous Southwest Aluminum Company and Ruimin Aluminum Company in China, pre-treatment material from the famous Germany HENKEL, more than 70% PVDF from PPG, VALSPAR,BECKER

4. Quality: With most advanced equipment and production technology, as well as top raw meterial and auxiliary meterial, we produce high quality and reliaable colorful coating aluminum sheets. The products cover ordinary PVDF-coated, PE coated , NANO self-clean, embossed treatment aluminum coils etc, They are widely used in high grade aluminum composite panel industry, ceiling top plate and novel roofing, wall and honeycomb panel industry. Now we take a lion's market share and have become one the largest manufacturer in all over the world


Thickness: 0.2mm-1.5mm

Width: 500mm-2000mm

Annual capacity: 60000 tons/year

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