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Aluminum composite panel ACM/ACP

Aluminum Composite Panel


Alucosuper aluminum composite panel is famous for domestic and overseas markets high quality and good reputation. It is made for five layers, Alucosuper PVDF/PE coated top and back aluminum sheets, upper and lower polymer adhensive film, PE core through compositing, setting and cooling with advanced processes. It has high strength, stable dimensions, flat surface, inner stress lower than same kind, even and various colors of coating, outstanding adhension, and excellent corrosion resistance, weather resistance and contamination resistance, being a kind of ideal curtain material for decoration and interior and exterior walls. The main products include ordinary aluminum composite panel, fire-proof aluminum composite panel with fire resisitance grade A and grade B, contamination resistance self-clean aluminum composite panel


Panel Thickness:2mm--10mm Aluminum skin thickness: less than 0.5mm

length: less than 5600mm width: less than 2000mm


Clean, Smooth, Fireproof, Non-toxic, Sound-isolation,earthquake-proof, colorful, easy in fabrication, construction, erection and maintenance, Light, Heat Resitant, and impact resistance, Salty spay resistance,etc.

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Production Line

Excellent Forming and Processing Capacity

Aluminum composite panel can be desired to different shape by cutting, sawing, milling, punching, folding and bending as common as wood and metals, and it is especially capable to form curve, small fillet and inner and external corners, with which the other materials else are impossible to comapre.



Aluminum composite panel can be used for exterior decoration, including wall panel, curtain wall, gutter board, roofing, column and reformation. It also can be used for indoor ceiling, elevator, wallboard of highway and tunnel, signboard, show-desk, bus stop, and parking.