Wooden / Marble

Wooden / Marble Pattern Coated Aluminum / Steel Coil


Wooden/marble coated aluminum/steel coils,inheriting all advantages of the new metals, and abandoning PET film used before, are true to the life, light, smooth and easy for operation. The metal coils apply the PVDF coating layer directly. Its not easy to peel off, so we can promote the longevity of the panel and make them to be used for outside decoration.



Rolling-coat veins have various colors,pictures,true to life wood and marble feel and fresh natural beauty.Moreover,the new panel can enrich its cultural meaning,inspire designers,creative thoughts and art imagination,leaving customers more individual choices and aesthetic pleasure.

Weather resistance:

The Rolling color coated with PVDF or PE, then bake is its own color but not only dressing on surface of aluminum sheets.High glossy mantance,fine stable color,very small color different,durability in nature environment.


Made by high quality aluminum coils,steel coils and superior quality PE/PVDF coating, adopting advanced coated methods,the wooden/marble ACP meet the requirements of decoration,such as the strength of bending and folding,and its won't be bend,deformed,and expanded according to the change of wind pressure,temperature and humidity in every season.   

Environmental Protection:

The rate of usage for coating is almost 100% and after baked,there is no harmful materials left or diffused on the surface of graininess ACP and marble ACP. The product are acid resistance and alkali resistance.It won't be mortified and mildewed by itself, won't release toxic air,needn't recovering coating and no side effect on environment.


International standard producing,its fireproof level is superior than B1 level.Customers dont need to worry about fireproof. Once Chosen,Forever Safe.

Cost Performance:

Easy to keep clean, colors doent fade when scrubbing,low cost to maintain.


The panel can be processing and fixing conveniently by normal tools at the construction site, such as cutting,edge milling and Puching holes


Airport, railway station, office building, shop, restaurant, pub, bank, museum, bedroom, kitchen etc