Efficient Teamwork, Urgent Overseas Order Shipped Out Earliest

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In current era of rapid development, Alucosuper always keeps up with the pace of the times with efficient communication and quick action.

Case : Order received on Jan. 16th, 2020, but unfortunately a sudden epidemic happened during Chinese New Year Holiday soon later. However, our production-supply-marketing kept high efficient cooperation & communication and executed the urgent order promptly.

Although the delivery was postponed due to force majeure, our efficient cooperation & communication ensured the order was produced and shipped out at earliest.

We always stick with the core value of 'Earnest working, make the impossible possible. To be honest, touching yourself before touching others'. Working together, creation for winning, initiative innovation and breaking out, finally making Alucosuper be the top runner of the industry.

Created on:2020年3月5日 20:05